Nautical Icons of North America

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Throughout North America, an array of nautical icons have cultural significance with people that love the water. Icons originate from a wide range of objects which are found in or near the water.

Navigational equipment often become icons of nautical life. Among the most popular are compass roses, lighthouses, navigational buoys and other items.

Boats and boating equipment are among the most popular nautical icons. Famous boat icons include sailboats, tall ships, trawlers, lobster boats, Chesapeake Bay skipjacks, deadrise boats, open skiffs, anchors, and other designs.

Commercial fishing gear often become nautical icons. These include lobster buoys, wooden lobster traps, nets, harpoons, gaffs and other equipment.

On the open sea and around most fishing ports, birds are present. Some of the most common have become important icons or nautical life. Ospreys, gulls, terns, frigate birds, albatrosses, shearwaters, storm petrels and other birds are often considered to be nautical icons.

Obviously, fish and shellfish have become nautical icons in most cultures. In North America and much of the North Atlantic, and Northern Pacific, species such as cod, tuna, swordfish, mahi mahi, grouper, snapper, halibut, salmon, and sharks are identified closely with nautical life. Shellfish are also popular, especially clams, oysters, scallops, mussels, shrimp, prawns, lobsters, and crabs.

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