Fish Logos for Small Business

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In North America, fish artwork is often seen in small business logos. Businesses or other organizations may incorporate fish photography, line drawings, color illustrations, or other artwork in a logo.

Many logos combine simple fish icons with appropriate text. Depending on the situation, fish may be depicted in lifelike, whimsical, primitive, or other styles. Some logos feature a single fish while others combine multiple elements into a design. When fish illustrations are chosen for the project, it may be necessary to choose which species to include.

In some instances, elements of a logo will directly represent the organization’s activities. For instance, fishing lodges or outfitters may incorporate one or more key species that are these businesses specialize in.

In other cases, a particular species of fish may be included in a design due to its regional or historical significance. These can include state or provincial fish or other important species.

Examples of this are often found in New England where Atlantic cod and brook trout are important historical icons.